Penguine TradingĀ  & Agencies Ltd. is committed to protecting the health and safety of the people and minimising harm to the environments in which we operate.Every employee and contractor is encouraged and trainedto constantly consider the safety of everything, for everyone, at all times. We continually strive to work collaboratively with our contracting partners to create a healthy and safe workplace for everyone.We consider excellence in health, safety and environment as essential to our long term success and will work towards this by :

  • Developing a supportive safe culture that features visible leadership, ongoing education and training, clear expectations for performance and a high level of engagement by everyone in the workplace
  • Placing a strong emphasis on hazard identification, risk assessment and risk management across all of our work activities so as to prevent harm to people and minimise impact on the environment
  • Engaging with our employees, contractors and other stakeholders to actively identify opportunities for improving health, safety and environmental performance across the business
  • Implementing a robust HSE management system that allows us to manage our risks effectively while also meeting or exceeding all relevant legislative and statutory obligations
  • Implementing programs to conserve resources, reduce waste, promote recycling, and prevent pollution
  • Measuring assurance and identifying opportunities for performance improvement through operational, corporate and external auditing and reporting processes This policy is applicable to all Atlas operations, activities and services and shall be communicated to all employees, contractors and made available to the public.