PTA Active Team

PTA believes that the health and safety of its employees is of the highest priority and the adherence to proper health and safety standards is a fundamental responsibility of the company’s management team. All PTA Employees are properly trained to meet those standards and health and safety will never be compromised.

PTA also believes it has a responsibility to further the development of local communities through the employment of people who are indigenous to the area in which it operates. By providing the appropriate training to those employees, PTA aims to increase the opportunities available to local people and boost the contribution it makes to the PTA economy.

Sl. No. Name Designation Year of Experience
1. Sh. S. K. Gupta Agent / Power of Attorney Holder 26
2. Sh. C. K. Rath Ist Class Mines Manager / Sr. Manager- Mines 09
3. Sh. K. K. Sahoo 2nd Class Manager / Manager-Mines 16
4. Sh. A. K. Panda Mining Foreman / Workmen Inspector 23
5. Sh. B. Nayak Mining Foreman 12
6. Sh. H. Mohanta Mining Foreman 4
7. Sh. A. K. Sahoo Mechanical Engineer/Workmen Inspector 16
8. Sh. Deepak Ku. Patra I.T. Person 5
9. Sh. A. C. Samal Mining Mate 15
10. Sh. G. C. Biswal Mining Mate 4
11. Sh. S. Patnaik Mining Mate 4
12. Sh. B. Ray Mining Mate 2
13. Sh. R. K. Das Liaison Officer 18
14. Sh. B. N. Sathpathy Accountant 21
15. Sh. N. C. Rout Weigh Bridge In charge 21
16. Sh. K. C. Swain Weigh Bridge Asst. 8
17. Sh. B. K. Nayak Record Keeper Cum Office Clerk. 7
18. Sh. Trilochan Naik Supervisor 5
19. Sh. Bisan Naik Supervisor 5
20. Sh. Prasanna Naik Supervisor 5
21. Sh. Praffula Naik Supervisor 5
22. Sh. Marga Munda Supervisor 10
23. Sh. Debendra Dehury Supervisor 5
24. Sh. K. C. Parida Supervisor 7
25. Sh. Gana Patra Gardener 9
26. Sh. Biswajit Biswal Permit Clerk 5
27. Sh. Jaya Prakash Rout Geologist 2
28. Sh. P. K. Sahoo Sr. Geologist 12
29. Sh. R. R. Nayak G.M. ( Planning & Co-ordinates) 19

Other Employees :

Highly Skilled Skilled Semi-skilled Unskilled Total
Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female
0 0 70 0 229 24 1 0 300 24