The company has been manufacturing Sponge Iron since 2006. In 2007 under the management of Bathwal Corporation Limited, immediately after the change in management, the production capacity was doubled from 30,000Tons Per Annum of Sponge Iron to 60,000 Tons per Annum.

In April 2013 the company successfully commissioned its 8MW Power Plant. This expansion marked yet another milestone towards our commitment to our environment. The power generation facility has been designed to generate half of its capacity through Waste Heat gases from its Sponge Iron manufacturing process and the balance through the use of a combination of char, which was earlier a by product of the Sponge Iron process and thermal coal.

February 2014 will mark the opening of the companies first Steel Melt Shop of 28,800 Tons per annum of Ingot production. The company will benefit in this process by using the in house manufactured Sponge Iron and stable supply of power from its own captive power plant.